Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Baskets! My Peace Corps mission continues in Syracuse!

And the journey continues at the Syracuse Downtown Arts and Crafts Festival at Plymouth Church this weekend!! It is my one year anniversary of closing my Peace Corps Service and returning to America.  The work I did and the experiences I have from serving in the Peace Corps are memories that are still very present in my life and I am very proud of the work I did with women’s empowerment and business development while I served, but in no way did I solve the problem of poverty caused by the HIV epidemic and so I am continuing that work here in Syracuse.  I made such a connection with the women basket weavers in my community and I fell in love with the way they are working to provide a better life for themselves and their family through their exquisite basketry hand work.

Swazi Sisal basket.

I have been home from Swaziland for one year and now is the time for me to figure out how I can continue to be an asset to my community even from a distance.  I fell in love with their baskets and I think you will too, so I have started my own small business dedicated to selling hand-made, fair-trade baskets from the country I served in; Swaziland, and from a few other countries around Africa.  Each basket is uniquely hand-woven, made of natural materials, and would be perfect for your home, your office, or as gifts.

Check out the baskets and support African weavers this Friday-Sunday, *7/25-7/27* at the Syracuse Downtown Arts and Crafts Festival inside Plymouth Church.
I will be selling the baskets at the Syracuse Downtown Arts & Crafts Festival this Friday-Sunday, 25th-27th.  My table will be located inside Plymouth Church along with several other vendors in the church basement.  I hope you come check out the baskets and help me to continue my support for the women I worked with while I was a Peace Corps Volunteer.

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