Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The importance of boiling water

In America, we take for granted the availability of clean drinking water. Here, when my water comes out of the tap across the street its brown. To make it ok to drink I boil it, filter it, and put a drop of bleach in it. The summer has arrived here, so I am drinking more water than before and turning my stove on to boil it turns my room into an oven. The other day I misjudged and ran out of clean water. Big mistake! Diarrhea, vomit, fever. ugh! The fever broke and I am starting to feel better.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

The rainy season is coming

We are approaching the summer and rainy season here. People are beginning to plant their maize fields now. Everyone here grows their own food. I find myself repeating 'we dont grow our own food and cows only live on farms.' I am planning on starting a veggie garden soon! When the rain comes, so does the lightning! Swaziland is known for its lightning, probably because its among the deadliest in the world, but that means its fun to watch, right? Dont worry, I will watch from inside where its safe.