Thursday, May 3, 2012

My schools

Geography Class under the tree
My community has built a new high school in my community that just opened in January, but when it opened they had not finished building yet.  Right now the school has started operating.  There are 40 Form 1 (8th grade) students.  Then next year they will add Form 2 and so on.  When they were still working on the structure the students were forced to meet outside under a tree, exercise books in their laps and a small broken chalk board at front.  Good thing there was little rain this summer or I don't know where the would have gone.  Now they are learning inside the classroom with chairs and desks, but are still lacking a lot of things like toilets for example(an issue that is being worked on, I promise!)

Form 1 student doing his math homework

I have also been working in the preschools.  I love the little kids.  The all fight to give me a high five when they see me!  This week
I was accompanied by my counterpart to a workshop on Early Education where we learned different techniques and fun ways to get the children to learn.  Here are some pictures of the children playing at one of the preschools.  This particular pre-school has 25 children smashed into a tiny tiny room.  The teacher says they are trying to build a new school but a lot of times the preschools are not subsidized by government, so there is not enough money and resources to get nice things or proper spaces.. Somehow they make it work and the children are learning their ABCs and 123s.      

Playing with dolls
This little one has such a personality.  She is a born leader.